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May Fleihan
Love to capture everything that delights my eyes on my white canvas. Oil on Canvas
Greensboro, North Carolina

About Me

How it all began

           It was a beautiful day in May of 1999 when I started my

first painting; this was the beginning of the greatest discovery of my life -

the joy of painting. This discovery brought so much peace into my life and it

all happened, I believe, through an act of synchronicity.

          Synchronicity was manifested in many stages of my life. A

number of events came to be by mere coincidence, where by I would think of

something or a question and soon after I would get a response. For instance

I’ve always enjoyed drawing. Since I was a little girl I always cured my

boredom with a sketchpad and a pencil and drew whatever sat in my view. In the

classroom, even in college, that was my way of concentration and killing time.

          Deep down I always knew that art was something I was

interested in but I never paid much attention to that calling nor did I do

anything to access it. Then, in 1999 and in a moment’s decision,

I started painting. It literally started on a Stairmaster when a dear friend of

mine, Marilyn, whom at the time was just an acquaintance, approached me

and out of nowhere asked me to accompany her to an artist friend’s studio to paint.

Unlike me, I immediately agreed. To my amazement, and with the first stroke of my

brush, I knew that I had found my passion. I’ve been painting ever since.

    So far, my medium has been oil on canvas. I’ve adopted

realism in my art; it’s actually my nature. I don’t like distorting beauty and

love to project it through my brush as real as possible. I love nature in all its

forms, such as landscapes, flowers, etc. I just find great pleasure painting

it. This being said, I’m not limited to any particular subject, if my eyes love

it it’s going to be on my canvas, no matter what the subject matter is,

portrait. (People, animals), architecture, or still life, my canvas is

always receptive to all.


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